While his wife Katya has a romantic love affair (roman), the writer Roman works on his new romantic novel (roman).

Roman Shchur is a struggling “pulp fiction” writer, who published a few more or less successful novels in the past, but now he’s going through financial, creative and relationship crises.  He is making some efforts to support his young family, but suffers through the writer’s block while working on his new romantic novel. At  the same time he’s trying to keep the relationship alive.  However, his beautiful wife Katya finds his efforts not good enough.  Her idea of a true love and happiness she thinks she deserves—takes her sideways into the wild romantic love affair with the young ventures real estate developer Anton.  The lovers don’t even try to hide their affair away from Roman’s sight—their passion intrudes into the space, where Roman and Katya live. They even force him out of his own bedroom.  While Roman’s weak submissive behavior hits the lowest point possible—Anton and Katya try to implement their secret agenda: to get rid of Roman using some loopholes in the corrupt law and get the apartment and some other assets in their own possession.  But Roman is not that easy—he has a dark secret in him that ruins their evil plans…

The story offers a few exciting twists and plot mysteries. It’s entertaining, dark, with elements of comedy and a dash of Ukrainian national charm. Set in the current times in Kyiv, it’s an intense and thrilling psychological piece with some action added to make it dynamic and relevant.



Director / Producer / Co-Writer


While his wife Katya has a romantic love affair (roman), the writer Roman works on his new romantic novel (roman)… This is the ironic story our protagonists are involved in. Looks like a usual domestic drama, but loaded with the dynamic events, raw emotions, shocking storylines and unexpected scenes, with the elements of thriller and humor. Quite a set that will keep the viewer’s attention busy from the  very beginning to the last lines in the end credits. Where the actors will have plenty of room to showcase their talents and to achieve the creative satisfaction. Finally, my long-standing dream came true – to make a very high-quality dynamic plot, which primarily takes place at the same location set (in the apartment) and involves from three to five main actors and a few supporting ones. I was not even surprised when the best people in the industry responded to my call for collaboration: well-known actors, reputable producers, talented artists and stylists, the best stunt coordinator, a very creative cinematographer, even the legendary musicians from the “DakhaBrakha” band. With such a A-List team of creative artists and with such a wonderful material—this film is blessed for a grand success!


Executive Producer


My name is Donna Smith. I am in the motion picture business in Hollywood. I just read a script that I think is really wonderful—“ROMAN.” And this should be something that should get made. It’s a short. A very interesting short movie! Probably will lead to a longer movie after people see the short. And I think people should get behind this. It’s very interesting! Good director, good writing, good characters, good script. Everything about it! Get behind this—it’s worth it!


Musician / Band “DAKHABRAKHA”


I got a feeling that the Ukrainian cinema is about to get one very exciting film. At last, dramatically saturated, with a stunning plot, full of sense that the viewer will admire and there will be something for actors to perform. We are all awaiting!


Actor (as ROMAN)


Why this story? This is a question that I always primarily ask myself. But actually I have an answer for it, because whenever I start working on a project, first at all, I try to put myself into the viewer’s position. Whether I, as a viewer, would be interested in this potentially released project. Pragmatically, I do have an answer for that. These structures that are conceived and implemented in the script – they take you away, they touch you, they work for me in many ways, which is important – unexpectedly. There are so many, I call them “the dramatic knees,” numerous changes and twists, which, if you ask me, give very good dynamics. That do not allow the plot to bend down. Overall, this kind of things always attract me personally and it is interesting to participate in, as for the actor. I think, this particular story called “ROMAN”, Roman as in the multidimensional meaning: ROMAN as the literary work, ROMAN as Roman, as a person, and ROMAN as a certain relationship, as a certain human communication. It already has a certain multidimensionality in its structure – in the plot, in the emotionally sensory aspect, which is revealed not immediately, doesn’t do its work right away. Only manifests itself somewhere near the end. There are a lot of philosophy, but nevertheless I think that with this kind of material it is impossible to deal in a different way. It would seem – we take this rather usual ‘domestic drama’ story and untwist it in the unusual key. Therefore, it seems to me that it has prospects to become a good, interesting work for the whole team. Especially when you know that the team, which formed around the project is going to be fantastic!


Actress (as KATYA)


I don’t personally relate much to the character I play here, therefore I find this role to be interesting. Interesting script, because… it’s great! Because it’s about the human souls. Because such diverse textures of characters collude in it. The actual plot is good. Won’t say much about it, because it’s a secret. But I am convinced it will be a beautiful story. Beautiful—not only in a visual sense, but in every aspect. I am trying my best to maneuver through not to get into the spoilers, at the same time to say something meaningful. I wish this work to be… smart. Again, smart as not just beautiful, but also smart as tasty and interesting! Well… I will scream on the camera a lot! I love to scream on the camera, to be mad at someone. In the real life – I cannot do that…




I caught myself thinking that probably the highest bliss is to meet not only the talented people, but also with people, who are burning with what they live, with what they think, because of what they don’t sleep and what they sleep with. Perhaps this is the most powerful and, primarily the most valuable moment in creativity.  I think of our movie and want to invite everyone to join in collaboration not only in a such tandem as producer, director, actor and viewer, but also let us become the artists of the newest history of Ukrainian cinema. Therefore, I am not simply calling, I am inviting everyone to become a part of this story. And first and foremost as a part of the history of our film. Because I, personally, just had an affair (roman) with our film.




I believe that the future of our Ukrainian cinema is in shorts, because younger people, more progressive ones, can now shoot films. With less cost, less team, and they can implement some new own ideas, thanks to the fact that you can get like-minded people together and shoot some cinema. Let’s see, what is beautiful about our short film? Well, first at all – “Roman.” This is the project’s name and I think we will have an affair. We will have the love with the viewers – in the future they will love our film. Because it will be created in love. Besides that, the known fact, very important thing—is a script. We do have a script! And we have wonderful like-mended people, a great team, and this makes a great plus to create a great product. I think our short film will initiate the “bloom” of Ukrainian cinema.


Actress (as OKSANA)


Great role, I really love the roles that are vivid. When you need to go beyond your everyday’s lifestyle, where you need to infuse yourself with some sort of courage, with some cool emotions that I don’t engage myself in my everyday life, but I’m excited to go outside of the box. I am glad that this project is in Ukrainian, because at this point we witness the birth and the development of Ukrainian cinema overall. And I think this project, this film – will become as one of the films that Ukraine will be proud of.




One morning I received a phone call from Vofka and he said he needs to tell me something immediately. And when we met, he told me the idea of this film with such passion that I shot the film right away… in my mind! All was left to do – just shot it with the camera. A lot of work is already done – with artists, stylists, designers, to find the conceptual visual solutions for the film. We really want this story to be beautiful not only in terms of drama, but also on the visual side. Therefore, I hope that this film will get it’s “visa free” access for the world’s best film festivals.


Author of the Original Idea / Writer


So, what this is story about? Why do I want to share it everyone? Why did I want to tell it? First at all – this is narrative story. I didn’t want to write the dramatic one. We shoot the film about the people, about their inner side, about their inner worries. This story is in a genre of dramedy – the tragedy and comedy. I am convinced that everyone will recognize themselves among our characters, in Roman as well. First at all, will recognize that trashy feeling, when you need to make a choice: to let everything be as is, to remain in that “stability” that we are used to, or maybe to get brave and change everything? Especially when this stability is already closing the walls and becomes quite uncomfortable for you. This what will be happening in the film, the story will be built with the elements of daily life drama, as they say, when you will watch it—you will want to laugh, it will be funny… but at some point you will want to cry.


Co-Director / Co-Writer


I fell in love with Roman from the first sight. From the very beginning. Fell in love not with the guy, fell in love with the story, which I got from a friend of mine. The story touched me because it’s unlike others—and this is why it hooks… Touches to the bottom of the heart. This story about very interesting situation that some people experienced. While working with the romantic novel (roman), the writer Roman notices that his wife has the romantic affair (roman). Such an irony, such a paradox that happened in Roman’s and Katya’s family—could happen with any of you. Therefore, let’s laugh at it and make sure that we avoid the situation like this in our lives.


Director / Producer / Co-Writer


In Hollywood, I received great support and lots of positive reviews for this script. In particular, one of the first was from the executive producer Anthony J. Scotti—the person, who at certain time gave to the world the “Baywatch” and helped me to produce my previous films: “Once Upon a Mine” and “Unpacking.” We joined the forces with former vice-president of Universal Pictures—Donna Smith. She served as an executive producer for many Hollywood films—such as “Schindler’s List,” “English Patient,” “Matrix,” “Back to the Future,” “Terminator,” “Star Wars” and many other A-list pictures. And everyone asks—why such a quality product that definitely has quality perspectives, we do not want to shoot in English? Why do we want to take a much smaller niche by shooting it in Ukrainian? But I decided to take a principled position to do it in Ukraine, with Ukrainian actors, with the Ukrainian team. To do it primarily for Ukraine, and to show it to the world as a Ukrainian product. I have spent more than 20 years in Hollywood, learning from the best masters, and now my mission is to be here and continue to develop Ukrainian cinema on a decent level. Therefore, we hope to have a proper support from our viewers. Especially now, when we are looking for financial support. We will be glad to see your products or services in the scenes of our movie. We will be grateful for your support during the crowdfunding campaigns. And in general – by any means who can contribute to the project. We look forward to see “ROMAN” not only on screens of first-class film festivals in Ukraine and around the world, but also on TV channels, “Netflix”, “Amazon” and other resources. And to be proud of the fact that it will be marked “MADE IN UKRAINE” thanks to your support!